Landscape Designers in the Sunshine Coast

Are you looking out onto a lifeless landscape, a back garden that’s been neglected, or an outdoor space that is past its heyday? Sounds like you need the expertise of a landscape designer who can help your property’s outdoor area reach its full potential.

From swimming pool landscape design to deck additions, fences and pergolas, to louvre roofs and retaining walls, at Zones Landscaping we offer the full spectrum of landscape services, no matter how big or small your outdoor patch may be.

To breathe new life into your landscape or get a fresh front yard landscape design, get in touch with your local Landscaping Consultant in the Sunshine Coast and book a free consultation to get your project started.

Why choose Zones Landscaping?

At Zones Landscaping, we’ve devised a structured process to ensure your landscaping project is stress free, delivered on time, and completed to budget. It all starts with a free, no-obligation, consultation. This briefing meeting is an opportunity for you to discuss any ideas you have for your outdoor space, no matter how grand or realistic! Your local Landscaping Consultant will be able to share examples of previous landscaping projects we’ve undertaken, advise what works (and what doesn’t) and guide you through the steps you’ll need to bring your dream landscape to life.

The next step in our process is a concept design and estimation of your project. This is bespoke to you and sets out a framework for what you can expect from your project - design, timeframe, cost, and services required.

If you’re happy with how the ideas for your landscape are progressing, we can move onto step three: detailed design, planning, and costing. Once this is agreed upon, it’s time to start construction.

During the build stage of your landscaping project, your Zones Landscaping Consultant will remain your single point of contact, coordinating all tradespeople required to deliver the job and ensuring all elements of your landscape are completed to the highest standard.

Throughout the entire time your landscape is taking shape, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You’ll be kept informed but there won’t be the stress or the hassle of managing the project yourself. That’s what Zones does for you!

What are the best landscape design options?

Here in the Sunshine Coast, the tropical climate is often reflected in the best landscape design ideas around the region. Many homeowners enjoy creating a tropical oasis in their backyard, a place of respite where they can unwind on a quiet weekend. With tropical planting a popular option, often paired with the installation of a swimming pool, small or spacious backyards can be transformed into a secluded sanctuary.

Another of the Sunshine Coast’s best modern landscape design options is the addition of a pergola or louvre roof. Extended outdoor seating offers a space for entertaining both friends and family. Well-designed decks create multiple spaces of use, from BBQ areas and pizza ovens to dining areas and outdoor bars.

Having a landscape designer at the helm of your landscape transformation means all your outdoor space will be well catered for to ensure it fits and caters for your lifestyle. Get in touch with your local Landscaping Consultant in the Sunshine Coast today and discuss landscaping design ideas for the front of your house, the side of your property, or your back garden.

What landscape design services does Zones Landscaping provide?

At Zones, our local Landscaping Consultants work with a trusted network of trades professionals who have proven time and again they can deliver projects on time, to budget, and of the highest craftsmanship. That’s why our Landscaping Consultants call upon them to get a job done. It’s also why we can offer a range of landscape design services. Everything and everyone you need to bring your landscape to life, Zones Landscaping has it.

Our landscape design services include:

  • Landscape plans
  • Hard and soft landscape construction
  • Planting plans/garden design
  • Construction drawings and specifications
  • Patio landscaping
  • Outdoor builds e.g. outdoor kitchens, decking
  • Swimming pool design and installation

How much does landscape design cost in the Sunshine Coast?

We know there’s no such thing as one size - or rather one cost - fits all when it comes to landscape design. But nor should it. At Zones, we focus on transforming a property to meet the homeowners lifestyle, reflect their personal style, and deliver on the required functions they want from their outdoor space.

That’s why it’s important to start your landscaping journey with our free, no-obligation consultation. It enables your local Landscaping Consultant in the Sunshine Coast to provide you with a fixed quote accurate to your project and to advise you on what can be achieved with your budget.

Do I need a landscape designer? 

Whether you have grand plans for your outdoor space or you just want to give your garden a much-needed makeover, the value of working with a landscape designer can’t be underestimated. They’ve transformed many gardens before yours and know what works and what doesn’t to create a usable, enjoyable, and stylish backyard landscape design.

To find out how working with a landscape designer could bring your garden goals to life, get in touch with your local Landscaping Consultant in the Sunshine Coast today.

Ready to talk?

If you’re ready to discuss your landscaping ideas, make the most of the opportunity to discuss them with an expert. At Zones, our Landscaping Consultants are experts at completing home landscaping projects. Get in touch to book your free, no-obligation consultation - it’s the first step in our unique Zones Landscaping process.