Pergola Builders & Louvre Roof Specialists in the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast - it lives up to its name and offers the perfect setting to enjoy the outdoors. But is your backyard in suitable shape for you to really enjoy the warmth and sunshine the region has to offer?

A key feature of any outdoor oasis is a spacious deck. And to ensure your deck can be used to its full potential, it may be worth considering adding a pergola or louvre roof. Providing protection from the elements, as well as cover for outdoor seating, a pergola or louvre roof can help your deck become a natural extension of your home.

To discuss pergola designs or retractable louvre roof options, book a free, no-obligation consultation with your local Zones Landscaping Consultant on the Sunshine Coast today.  

Why choose Zones Landscaping?

When it comes to transforming your backyard, the hardest part often relates to the questions: “where do we begin?” You can start by getting in touch with Zones Landscaping. Our team of landscaping experts love the challenge of transforming any outdoor space, whether large or small, complex or compact. 

The Zones Landscaping experience starts with a free, no-obligation, consultation with one of our local Landscaping Consultants. This meeting is an opportunity for you to share your landscaping ideas, the challenges your current landscape poses, how you want to live in your backyard, and what you want the outcome of your project to be. Understanding your vision for your outdoor space will enable our consultants to prepare concept designs, a timeframe, and budget for your landscaping project. Once you’re happy with what’s been presented, the next stage of the Zones Landscaping process commences.

Each of our local Landscaping Consultants has a network of landscape professionals they call upon to transform your garden. From landscape designers to deck builders, louvre roof specialists to swimming pool installers, our consultants will ensure every aspect of your landscaping project is taken care of and completed to the highest level of craftsmanship.

For complete project management of your landscape project, get in touch with your local Landscaping Consultant in the Sunshine Coast today. They’ll remain your single point of contact throughout your project so you’ll be in good hands.

What type of pergola is best?

When it comes to adding a pergola to your house, the best you can get is one that matches the style of your home. Ensuring continuity with the character of your home means a pergola attached to your house will not only add functionality but has the potential to add value as well.

Working with your local Landscaping Consultant will also help you to determine what material to build your pergola from. Is a wooden pergola best? Perhaps a lightweight steel framed pergola would better suit your home? Maybe a pergola with trellis would give you more privacy, added protection, or an additional feature for your outdoor space?

Our Landscaping Consultants have worked with clients in different regions of Australia on creating the ultimate outdoor space and many backyards boast a pergola. Get in touch with your local Zones Landscaping Consultant to discuss pergola designs and ideas.

What pergola building and louvre roofing services does Zones provide in the Sunshine Coast?

At Zones, our approach to landscaping is to manage it all. We know how important it is to have open communication and consistent oversight to achieve the best results possible. That’s why we also have a network of local tradespeople on the Sunshine Coast who have the skills and expertise to provide pergola building and louvre roof services. 

Our pergola building and louvre roofing services include:

  • Custom pergola designs
  • Carports
  • Gazebos
  • Awning installations
  • Trellis design + build
  • Gazebo design + build
  • Privacy screen installations
  • Permanent outdoor roofing solutions
  • Landscaping

How much does a pergola and louvre roof cost in the Sunshine Coast?

How much a pergola or louvre roof costs in the Sunshine Coast depends on a range of factors, from size and scale, to material and design.

If you want to add a retractable louvre roof to your home or discuss what’s required for a pergola to be attached to your house, the experts at Zones Landscaping can help. From concept to completion, timeframes and budget, they’ll be able to provide you with a fixed quote accurate to your project so you can decide whether or not to proceed with a pergola or louvre roof addition to your home.

They’ll also be able to cost up any pergola lights you may want to add as a finishing touch!

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones Landscaping Consultant. 

Do you need a permit to build a pergola or louvre roof?

Adding to the structure of your home on the Sunshine Coast usually requires a permit, particularly if the pergola or louvre roof changes the footprint of your home or is sited close to neighbouring property.

At Zones, our local Landscaping Consultants live and work in the region they service. They understand the different council requirements and any legislative considerations you need to take into account when landscaping your backyard.

Furthermore, as your single point of contact throughout the project, your Landscaping Consultant will take care of any permit required, gathering the information you need to secure your application.

Ready to talk?

If you’re ready to update your landscape, spruce up your garden, or breathe new life into your backyard, get in touch with your local Landscaping Consultant on the Sunshine Coast for a free, no-obligation consultation.