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Dining alfresco is part and parcel of living in the beautiful city of Adelaide, but one way to enhance your outdoor dining experience and to make the most of your outdoor space is by adding a pergola or louvre roof to your property.

From providing shade in summer to shelter in winter, pergolas attached to your house can enhance the indoor-outdoor flow of your living and dining area. To discuss pergola designs or retractable louvre roofs, get in touch with the team at Zones Landscaping Adelaide.

Why choose Zones Landscaping?

At Zones, we have experienced firsthand the difference a well designed and constructed landscape can bring to a home and a homeowner’s lifestyle. We also know that to bring a stylish but functional landscape to life, takes great planning, good organisation, an investment of both time and budget, and experienced project management. So at Zones, we offer it all.

Zones was established to take the stress and hassle out of landscaping projects. Our local Landscaping Consultants are experienced in overseeing a landscape from concept to completion. They’re big on communication too, which is why every project starts with a free, no obligation, consultation. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your landscaping ideas with an expert and gain an understanding of what can be achieved in your backyard!

With a Zones Landscaping Consultant at the helm of your project, you’ll be able to proceed with your landscape design with peace of mind, knowing that everything will be taken care of and you’ll be kept informed at every stage.

For a stress-free, enjoyable, and successful landscaping project experience, book a free consultation with your local Adelaide Landscaping Consultant.

What type of pergola or louvre roof is best?

A pergola can come in many shapes and forms so creating a shortlist of the type of pergolas that will suit your home will be a good start. Free standing pergolas can help to turn an outdoor space into a more functional living area, whether as a garden feature, pool shelter, or a place to relax next to the pétanque court.

A pergola attached to the house can enhance the indoor-outdoor flow of your living area and, by adding features such as pergola lights, an outdoor fire pit, trellis, or BBQ area, your home can feel like it’s extended in size.

A louvre roof, often an all-metal construction, can provide shade and shelter but you’re in control. By automating the opening and closing of the louvre, you can determine how much shade, sunshine, light, or breeze you let into your outdoor area.

There are benefits to both pergolas and louvre roofs but to make a choice that’s right for you, it pays to seek advice from the experts. 

What pergola building and louvre roofing services does Zones provide in Adelaide?

At Zones, our Landscaping Consultants work with a network of trusted trades professionals who can help to build, construct, design, and install pergolas and louvre roofs. This helps to ensure the job you have done is done to the highest quality and professional finish. It also means you don’t have to find the right person for the job because your Landscaping Consultant already has them on hand! 

Our pergola building and louvre roofing services include:

  • Custom pergola designs
  • Carports
  • Gazebos
  • Awning installations
  • Trellis design + build
  • Gazebo design + build
  • Privacy screen installations
  • Permanent outdoor roofing solutions
  • Landscaping

How much does it cost to build a pergola in Adelaide?

The cost of building a pergola in Adelaide will depend on the size and style of the pergola you want to add to your home. Do you envision the pergola covering the entire deck or just part of it? Is the pergola attached to your house or separate? What foundations are already there and are any more required? Or is it a retractable louvre roof you’re after?

At Zones, we don’t believe there’s one price that suits all. That’s why our Landscaping Consultants set out to understand exactly what you want to achieve from your pergola or louvre roof addition so they can provide a fixed quote accurate to your project.

Do you need a permit to build a pergola or louvre roof?

The size of your pergola or louvre roof will determine if you need a permit or not, but generally speaking if you’re adding a free standing structure to your home without extending the footprint of your property, you’re unlikely to need council consent or a building permit.

It pays to know whether you do or you don’t before you begin though. At Zones, our Landscaping Consultants will do the investigative work for you and, if it appears that you do need a permit, they’ll organise it so your project can go ahead as planned.

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